01st April 2013
My feeding station has been getting busier over the last few weeks, I'm sure those of you who feed the birds will have noticed the same.
The female Greater Spotted Woodpecker is becoming less nervous, although the two males that are in the area don't come down to feed, (at least not while I'm there anyway). Long Tailed Tits seem to visit in pairs now, rather than a flock, and one pair have taken up residency, coming to feed every few minutes.
The snow made it hard to get there last weekend, but i went and set up for the Woodpecker. Strangely though, she only visited twice in two and a half hours, other birds such as tits, nuthatches, robins etc were plentiful though, so I refilled the feeders and went home.
I have added a couple more images of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker to my Latest Images Gallery, please take a look.