(Contains 68 photos)
LATEST IMAGES portfolio My most recently taken photographs
(Contains 28 photos)
OWLS & BIRDS OF PREY portfolio British owls & birds of prey
(Contains 16 photos)
SEABIRDS portfolio British birds mainly found on the coast
(Contains 48 photos)
GARDEN & WOODLAND BIRDS A-M portfolio British birds normally found in woodlands & gardens
(Contains 41 photos)
GARDEN & WOODLAND BIRDS N-Z portfolio British birds normally found in woodlands & gardens
(Contains 14 photos)
RIVERSIDE BIRDS portfolio British birds associated with rivers & inland water
(Contains 18 photos)
OTHER BIRDS portfolio Any other British birds
(Contains 50 photos)
SMALL BRITISH MAMMALS portfolio Voles, ssquirrels, foxes, otters etc
(Contains 16 photos)
LARGER BRITISH MAMMALS portfolio Seals, dolphins, wolves etc
(Contains 13 photos)
DRAGONFLIES & DAMSELFLIES portfolio British dragons & damsels
(Contains 22 photos)
BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS portfolio British butterflies & moths
(Contains 3 photos)
OTHER INSECTS portfolio Any other British insects
(Contains 13 photos)
LANDSCAPES portfolio Some of my favourite landscapes
(Contains 6 photos)
AMPHIBIANS portfolio Amphibians from around the British Isles
(Contains 2 photos)
REPTILES portfolio Images of British Reptiles