27th August 2016
My wife and I have recently had a 2 week stay on the lovely remote part of Scotland known as the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.
We stayed in a lovely cottage looking out across Loch Sunart.
Unfortunately the weather was quite bad, 6 days of rain in the first week, but a bit better for the second week. We did manage to go on a whale watching trip and saw....nothing!, we also went on a Sea Eagle watching trip and as you can see in my Latest Images gallery I managed a few images, but nothing spectacular. We did see otters, pine martens, badgers as well as both species of eagle, and the ever changing light on the mountains and the lochs was amazing.
I have included an image from Sanna Bay, although I don't think I have done this stunning location justice.
We hope the weather will be kinder to us next time.
26th June 2016
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I paid our first ever visit to the Farne Islands. What an incredible place this is, and before the boat had even stopped at the first of the islands, the sights, sounds and of course the smell were an overload on the senses.
We first visited the Atlantic Grey Seal colony and the boat was surrounded by curious Seals bobbing up and down, then as we approached the islands seabirds were swimming and flying past, wings whirring away as they carried beaks full of sand eels back to their hungry babies.
On Inner Farne we were attacked by protective Terns as we walked past their nests, which were right next to, and sometimes on, the wooden pathway around the island. Puffins came ashore with sand eels and had to run the gauntlet of gulls trying to pinch the food from them. Shags, so beautiful up close with their green eyes, sat on eggs or tended fluffy youngsters.
The light was very flat on the day, so wasn't ideal for photography, but please take a look at my Latest Images Gallery.
23rd March 2016
Recently I have been fortunate enough to get close to a wild Barn Owl.
This bird has become quite a star at Martin Mere reserve and I paid a visit on one of the nicer days we have had of late.
I have also discovered another Barn Owl closer to home but it only tends to hunt as the light is fading, so no pictures, but fantastic to watch.
I have also added a few images of Atlantic Grey Seals from Donna Nook that I took on a cold but dry December day.
Please take a look at my Latest Images to see these.
21st September 2015
My wife and I have recently returned from a trip to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland.
we had Pine Marten's feeding in front of the cottage windows and watched both Golden and White Tailed Eagles, but the highlight had to be superb views of a Dog Otter in the 2 bays next to where we were staying almost every day and sometimes twice a day.
As you can see from the photos in my Latest Images the otter was quite curious at times and we were privileged to spend a week in it's life.
20th June 2015
After a difficult last 10 months or so, I am finally starting to get out with my camera again.
My enthusiasm is stronger than ever and hopefully my images will improve as I spend more time in the field.
My wife booked us a nice long weekend in the Trough of Bowland, and although the weather wasn't great (the last day stayed foggy all day) I managed to get my best images of Brown Hares, we will certainly be going back next year.
Anyway, I have added a few photos to my latest images gallery and in the next couple of weeks I will be adding some more as we have just returned from Mid Wales where I photographed Red Kites (again), Pied Flycatchers, Whinchats (better than the images I have), and 4 species of butterflies.
28th May 2014
I have recently been working a different photography project.
I have been making some small mammal homes out of thin branches criss crossed over a depression in the ground and covered with turf, this is to enable me to photograph these amazing little creatures in the wild.
I don't believe in trapping animals and photographing in a tank because it must cause them a lot of stress, and they may be feeding young which could suffer without regular feeding.
I have already seen Bank Voles, a Wood Mouse and yesterday a Common Shrew coming out of one of these homes for sunflower seeds and peanuts.
I have taken a couple of images so far and you can see one in my Latest Images gallery
08th July 2013
My wife and I have just returned from our second tip to Norfolk in the last couple of months.
What a fantastic and diverse county it is.
From the North Norfolk coast with the wading birds, through the countryside with Barn Owls, Hares and Adders, down into the Broads with Swallowtail Butterfly, Hairy Dragonfly and Norfolk Hawker, plus lots of other wildlife, and stunning scenery all the way.
Unfortunately the weather is something we weren't too lucky with, especially trying to find Swallowtails in the strong wind (not good for macro photography) and persistent showers.
This just gives us a good excuse to go back next year and try again.
I have put some pictures in my Latest Images Gallery from these trips which I hope you will enjoy looking at.
01st April 2013
My feeding station has been getting busier over the last few weeks, I'm sure those of you who feed the birds will have noticed the same.
The female Greater Spotted Woodpecker is becoming less nervous, although the two males that are in the area don't come down to feed, (at least not while I'm there anyway). Long Tailed Tits seem to visit in pairs now, rather than a flock, and one pair have taken up residency, coming to feed every few minutes.
The snow made it hard to get there last weekend, but i went and set up for the Woodpecker. Strangely though, she only visited twice in two and a half hours, other birds such as tits, nuthatches, robins etc were plentiful though, so I refilled the feeders and went home.
I have added a couple more images of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker to my Latest Images Gallery, please take a look.

05th March 2013
For the last couple of months I have been seeing Greater Spotted Woodpeckers near my feeding station, so I put out extra fat balls and a home made suet mix to see if I could attract them.
Once they found the food, they became regular but quite nervous visitors.
The next step was to attract them to an attractive branch rather than the fat ball holder, and within a couple of weeks, this was working well.
The only problem was the grey squirrel's that also found the tasty treat and not only ate the food, but chewed the branch to get every last crumb off the wood.
This weekend however, everything, including the light worked nicely and I managed to get a couple of nice images, which are in my Latest Images Gallery.
I then went in search of the Barn Owl which I photographed last weekend, and managed to see 2 of them, but quite a way across the fields, and unfortunately they didn't come close.
While looking at the Barn Owls, I noticed a Short Eared Owl sat on a fence post, and managed a nice picture of it, which is in the Latest Images Gallery also.
Hopefully the weather will be as kind this weekend.
28th February 2013
This week I have been lucky enough to have seen a hunting Barn Owl.
The bird was out in the late afternoon, and seemed to be having some success.
Unfortunately it didn't come as close as I would have liked, but I did manage a couple of images.
I have put my favourite in the Latest Images gallery.

18th February 2013
A bit of sunshine made a change at he weekend, and allowed me to try
a couple of things out at my feeding station.
The first was a brass tap, which was the only thing the birds wouldn't land on, but wth some tweaking I started to get some results.
Then I found some branches with a lovely fungi growing on them called Scarlet Elfs Cup, so I used this for a couple of images also, just to add a bit of extra colour.
There are a few pics from the weekend in my Latest Images gallery.
Lets hope we get some more good weather now.

19th January 2013
I hve been trying to photograph a Kingfisher recently, but although it sits quite close and in full view, the background is very distracting and there isn't much light.
I have put an image in my Latest Images Gallery, but hopefully I will be able to get some nicer shots when the sun comes out.
It is however, a privelege just to be able to watch the Kingfisher doing what it does best, catching fish.
27th March 2012
My wife and I have just returned from a 4 day break in the beautiful Scottish Cairngorm mountains.
We were hoping for snow when we booked our stay, but instead had glorious weather.
At least we could get around easily, and this allowed us to find plenty of wildlife to watch, including the first returning Osprey of the year, Golden Eagles soaring, Badgers, Red Squirrels, Mountain Hares looking out of place in their Winter pellage, Crested Tits, displaying Goldeneye and much, much more.
Please take a look at my Latest Images gallery, where I have added some photos from our trip.

Welsh wonders
17th June 2011
My wife and I have just spent a fantastic week staying on a farm in Powys, Wales.
I can honestly say I have never heard so many birds, they seemed to be calling from every bush and tree. The majority of these were Pied Flycatchers and despite what you may have seen on Springwatch, (2 failed nests), there were plenty of newly fledged birds and busy parents.
Red Kites were fantastic to see, as always, and we visited a feeding station at Nant Yr Arian, where approximately 150-200 birds turned up for an easy meal. On another occasion we saw about 30 Kites, including a leucistic (white) bird, on a freshly ploughed field, strange to think of them eating worms!
The farm where we stayed was also home to Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, an uncommon species of butterfly, which I managed to get a few pictures of.
Please take a look at my latest images, for a brief view of whats on offer in the unspoilt Welsh countryside.

03rd May 2011
What a difference a few weeks make, especially when the sun is shining.
Butterflies are on the wing everywhere, so I have been re-acquainting myself with my Sigma 105mm Macro lens.
Photographing butterflies is quite tricky, as first of all they don't stay still for very long, secondly hoping they land somewhere where the background isn't too messy, and finally, the wind has been blowing all weekend making focusing almost impossible at times.
Anyway I have put my best efforts in the latest images gallery, along with a couple more water vole images, my wife and I can't get enough of watching these fantastic little animals going about their daily business.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

11th April 2011
Well, it seems to have been ages since I last got out with the camera, but the weekend just gone was very productive.
I have uploaded the last few images from my feeding station, and am just going through lots of pictures of water voles after I discovered a small colony of these rare & beautiful little mammals.
On Sunday I had a walk onto the moors close to where we live searching for wheatears. The weather was perfect & I managed to find 4 of what has to be one of our prettiest summer visitors.
Please take a look at my latest images gallery, where you can see the results
Testing Products
27th January 2011
Since talking to Neill at Stealth Wildlife's stall at Martin Mere a couple of years ago, I have been using their products as I was impressed with the quality.
I have reviewed some of their products in my Product Reviews section funnily enough, please take a look.