Product Reviews

Stealth Wildlife Lightweight Bag Hide:
This is a great product which you just throw over yourself, it has an opening for your lens to go through & enough space for a tripod if required.
This hide is perfect when it is impracticle to use a pop-up hide, and is small & light enough to carry with you.
The material blends in well with a woodland background & breaks up your outline

Stealth Wildlife A Shaped Bean Bag:This beanbag was designed by a photographer for photographers.
It will sit nicely on a car doorframe, over a fence/fencepost etc, or used upside down can be used on a flat surface with a 'v' shape for your lens to sit in. The beanbag comes unfilled, I used poly beads to fill mine plus a cup of rice for a bit extra stability.
It also comes with a removable shoulder strap which is handy.

Stealth Wildlife Neoprene Lens Cover:Not the cheapest covers, but certainly better made than others I have used.
The seam is double stitched, and even the end of each section is stitched, reducing the chance of fraying.

They also help prevent knocks & scrapes to expensive lenses, making the purchase price insignificant.