Welsh wonders

17th June 2011
My wife and I have just spent a fantastic week staying on a farm in Powys, Wales.
I can honestly say I have never heard so many birds, they seemed to be calling from every bush and tree. The majority of these were Pied Flycatchers and despite what you may have seen on Springwatch, (2 failed nests), there were plenty of newly fledged birds and busy parents.
Red Kites were fantastic to see, as always, and we visited a feeding station at Nant Yr Arian, where approximately 150-200 birds turned up for an easy meal. On another occasion we saw about 30 Kites, including a leucistic (white) bird, on a freshly ploughed field, strange to think of them eating worms!
The farm where we stayed was also home to Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, an uncommon species of butterfly, which I managed to get a few pictures of.
Please take a look at my latest images, for a brief view of whats on offer in the unspoilt Welsh countryside.