05th March 2013
For the last couple of months I have been seeing Greater Spotted Woodpeckers near my feeding station, so I put out extra fat balls and a home made suet mix to see if I could attract them.
Once they found the food, they became regular but quite nervous visitors.
The next step was to attract them to an attractive branch rather than the fat ball holder, and within a couple of weeks, this was working well.
The only problem was the grey squirrel's that also found the tasty treat and not only ate the food, but chewed the branch to get every last crumb off the wood.
This weekend however, everything, including the light worked nicely and I managed to get a couple of nice images, which are in my Latest Images Gallery.
I then went in search of the Barn Owl which I photographed last weekend, and managed to see 2 of them, but quite a way across the fields, and unfortunately they didn't come close.
While looking at the Barn Owls, I noticed a Short Eared Owl sat on a fence post, and managed a nice picture of it, which is in the Latest Images Gallery also.
Hopefully the weather will be as kind this weekend.